How to Care For SNS Pottery

How to Care for Functional Ceramics

Step 1: What are Functional Ceramics?

  • Functional Ceramics are Ceramics that can be dish-washed, microwaved and used with food and beverage on a daily basis.
  • Most of Stories N’ Stoneware Ceramics fall under this category ie. Cups, mugs


Step 2: How to Care for Functional Ceramics?

  • Hand Washing is the best practice, however our ceramics can be put in the dishwasher.
  • Being at room temperature, before adding boiling water or microwaving.
  • Sitting in cupboard next to other ceramics pieces. Please do not stack us! this can lead to chipping and cracking. 


Step 3: Things Functional Ceramics Don't Like

  • Oven! Please Do Not put me in the oven!
  • The freezer! Please Do Not put me in the freezer!
  • Stove! Please Do Not up me on the stove!
  • I Do Not like being Stacked or dropped!  
  • I Do Not like sitting in water in sink or while not in use.

How to Care for Semi-Functional Ceramics

Step 1: What are Semi-Functional Ceramics

  • Semi- functional Ceramics are pieces that you can use for food and beverages,
  • But they need a little more extra care than typical functional ceramics such as hand washing.
  • Examples of Semi- functional pieces are wooden stem chalices, mugs with gold, silver or mother of peal luster. 


Step 2: How to Care for Semi- Functional Ceramics

  •  All Stories N’ Stoneware Pieces come with a care sheet included in the package.
  • Please follow the care sheet that came with the piece, for specifics of care for your Semi- Functional piece.
  • Most Semi- Functional pieces will require hand washing and not be microwavable.
  • Please consider this when purchasing a piece

How to Care for Non-Functional Ceramics

Step 1: What is Non-Functional Ceramics

  • Non-Functional is any piece that cannot be used for food or beverages and is strictly for “Decoration Only”
  • This Includes but is not limited to:
  • Raku Fired Vessels
  • Horsehair Fired Vessels
  • Sculpture
  • Any unglazed pieces


Step 2: Caring for Non-Functional Pieces

  • The Pieces are sealed to protect color, and raku effects but they are not water tight.
  • Do not soak or run under water.
  • Use cloth to wipe away dust only.
  • Keep away from any rooms with high traffic or chance for spills or breakage ie. kitchen, bathroom
  • If it gets a spill, use slightly damp rag to gently clean off spill.
  • They are ceramic and very fragile (because they have not been fully fired) So keep in a safe place.