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Monthly Shory Stories

Once a month patrons vote on a writing prompt and I write a short story based off the one that wins the vote! Three Short stories have been posted for all tiers to read!

Progress of Next Prompt: 90%

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Current Novel

Project: Eyes of Pewter

In a world that runs off of magic, Kallan has been born without any. She is born with eyes as grey as the moon, lacking the magic. She struggles to find her place in the world and when her government tries to "re-home" Kallan and others like her, she runs trying to escape the fate thrust upon her.

Progress of Novel: Rewrite 15%

SNS Anthology

Most of the pottery collections created by SNS have poems and short stories that speak about the pieces. My hope is to get all the poems and short stories in an SNS anthology.

Progress of Collection: Editing 30%